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Custom Built Rods

here is one thing that no rodbuilder can change, and that is the quality of the blanks that he/she builds their rods on. A great blank can be turned into a bad rod by a builder without a sense of attentiveness, a high level of skill, and an eye for the smaller details. Just the opposite is also true, and no matter what any rodbuilder tells you, a bad blank will not make a great rod, no matter how pretty they make it.

Our first and foremost rule is to advise you to the best of our abilities on which blank will cut the mustard for your fishing needs! Therefore, the blanks that CFR uses in their builds have proved themselves as the top brands across the entire planet. Sage, Thomas & Thomas, Winston and many more of the premium brands make up our primary builds.

We use the highest quality components on all our builds, ranging from Struble, REC to Hopkins and Halloway and even from Goldenwitch if you want it! Less expensive options are from Pacific Bay and Batson Enterprises. Once again affordable, but still of an extremely high quality.

Once you have chosen a blank, there is a huge amount of customization options available to you. From custom graphics, grips, custom reel seat spacers/inserts, feather inlays, rod bags and custom rod tubes to custom thread wraps. The entire process of personalizing your rod is in your hands.

Our rods are personal, VERY personal. Each rod that leaves our bench embeds the essence of the owner. We do not mass produce “custom” rods, and only accept builds when we have the time to give your rod all the attention you, and it, deserves.

In short, if you dream it, we make it happen!!


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