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Custom Reel Seats


We differ from most builders in that we take pride in crafting a truly custom piece for you. All the spacers that come from our stable are turned from raw timber that we source ourselves. As we do NOT use factory bought turning blocks, we therefore guarantee that your spacer will be 100% unique and a truly custom compliment to your build.

The woods we use are mostly indigenous South African hardwoods, and the flagship of our wood is definately African Wild Olive (Olea Africana). Our Wild Olive spacers are truly unique, since the cuts made in the raw wood are not done by anyone else. Since we source the material from a natural/raw state, we can produce the best angle on our cuts to give the most stunning display of the natural grain found in Wild Olive. Our "X" cut shows this off beautifully.

One of the reasons why the Wild Olive has such a fantastic grain pattern, is a result of the harsh environments in which these trees grow in Africa. As you can see from the picture on the right, these trees grow almost on bare rock, and their sporadic and erratic growth lends to the irregular patterns that you see in our spacers.

Some of the other woods we use are just as unique, and some hard work is required to procure them. The roots of the local "Besembos" produced a marvelous "Birdseye" effect, and is sure to compliment any custom built rod.

Then we also get in many different "unknown" woods, such as unique pieces of Driftwood. The origin, age and wood specie is unknown. How long has it been out to sea? Where has it been? No-one can answer these questions, but such a spacer will just once again accentuate the mysticism of your hand crafted fly rod.

We sell and refit these spacers seperately, and they do not have to be part of a complete build. We have performed spacer refits for many happy clients, and in doing so have turned their favourite factory rods into something personal, special and truly unique.


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